The latest thing for me, amongst others is the the manga and anime Saiyuki. Saiyuki is based on the legend from China that involves the journey west by a Buddhist monk, a monkey demon, a water sprite, and a pig demon.

The Legend

Saiyūki (西遊記, Saiyūki?) is the Japanese title of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Famous amongst historians and scholars of Chinese works, the novel has recently been translated into english for the first time in it's complete form.

The Manga

In three parts the manga explores the story of the four travellers (five if you count Jeep, the transforming dragon). The manga is far more explicit in the violence used and the language. The first series, Saiyuki, runs for 9 volumes and is followed by the second series, Saiyūki Reload, at 7 (currently at 7 volumes in the original Japanese) volumes. Saiyūki Gaiden, the third series is currently only at 2 volumes and is not available in English.

The Anime

The anime doesn't follow the same time line as the manga, and also is tamer in the depiction of violence, and the "bad" parts of the characters. It's funky and fun and keeps me laughing all the time!!!

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