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Helen hawkinsHelen hawkins 15 Sep 2007 05:39
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I have learned a lot today - wikis & whatnots. I still think the yr 7's are ahead of me- but i might have some more commonm language, when working with them in the resource centre. I think the first task will be to organise a common books review - old hat but with new technology, use it with a small group. Thanks for all the input.

thanks by Helen hawkinsHelen hawkins, 15 Sep 2007 05:39

It works:)

Re: This is a test by cyberlibcyberlib, 15 Sep 2007 05:25
This is a test
KSKS 28 Mar 2007 15:55
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this is a test of posting in the discussion forum

This is a test by KSKS, 28 Mar 2007 15:55
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