Very Quick Wikis

Wonderfully quick wikis are available through

This site seems very easy to use, though the one at my work, Flinders University Library, is very simple also. Through the one I use at Flinders, I can keep all my circ procedures up to date and available for everyone to look at.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wiki?

Some people I know are scared of wikis replacing paper manuals but I don't see why. It is just another way of organising things.

Wikipedia Mania

A lot of people are going nuts about Wikipedia. Personally, I find that my medical students are not keen on Wikipedia because it is not specific enough for them. But a lot of other people absolutely love it and are probably addicted, judging by the amount of times they comment on other people's pages!

Wiki Experts

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (pictured below) was recently in Adelaide and my husband went to his seminar.

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